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In Foreclosure? - Dont Panic!

Many homeowners who have received a Foreclosure Complaint fear the deadline in the Foreclosure Summons and believe that they will be kicked out of their homes in 35 days if they don't take some action.

You may have received marketing letters that suggest that a sheriff sale is going to happen immediately.  Regrettably, some unscrupulous marketers use the threat of a sheriff’s sale as a scare tactic to frighten homeowners into making hasty and financially unwise decisions.


In fact, it usually takes several months before a home can be sold at a sheriff’s sale in a mortgage foreclosure.  In most cases, the sale can be postponed, if necessary.


The amount of time you have depends on many factors including when you were served with the foreclosure complaint, whether a final judgment has been obtained and whether the sheriff’s sale has been scheduled. 


To make an informed decision on how to best save your home you need to know how much time you have before your home can be sold.  Call me at 888-332-8247.  I will go over your situation and explain the time limits you are facing and the options available to you. 


One important note:  if your are being foreclosed upon because of BACK PROPERTY TAXES, you run the risk of losing your property much sooner than in a mortgage foreclosure.  You should contact my office immediately.

Click here for more information about the foreclosure process and the time limits involved:


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